Hydra-Pak Systems Limited

Hydra-Pak Systems started production of waste handling equipment in 1972, building compactors and containers for the industry.  Initially starting with apartment compactors, our line of products grew through the 70's to several models for residential, commercial and heavy industrial use.  Along with our line of quality equipment, we offer custom-built feed systems including hoppers, chutes, enclosures and dumper systems to fit customers' individual needs.

Over the years, we have had the honour of working with iconic brands from Eaton's  to Winners and Homesense to Hudson's Bay.  Hydra-Pak has also worked with and provided equipment to all major haulers in Canada, including WMI, Capital (WSI) and Progressive Waste (BFI).  We build our compactors as we always have, with the desire to make them last and be trouble free for years.  Our equipment can be found from Victoria, B.C. to Charlottetown, P.E.I., New York, England, Belguim and Dubai.

Family owned and operated and 100% Canadian.